Lisa White Reber
Red Hill, Pennsylvania

Lisa White Reber has been quilting since 1994 and dyeing since 1996 after seeing a demonstration by Fons & Porter on PBS. In 2014 her work, both fabrics and quilts, will be included in three books authored by Linda Seward, Mary Kerr & Shannon Shirley. And, in 2012 she was invited to participate in a dyeing Master Class taught by the internationally renowned Carol Soderlund.

Dyeing with Poles: Arashi Shibori Techniques, Half Day
Friday, 9/19/2014 - 9/19/2014, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
In this fast-paced workshop, we’ll be exploring different ways to wrap fabric around a piece of plastic pipe or other core and the patterns each generate. These techniques were invented in Japan over a century ago and artists all over the world have evolved and expanded on them ever since. The basics of safe full immersion dyeing with MX will be covered. All levels. Materials List (label tools with your name): Fabric – bring about 3 yards of PFD (prepared for dyeing) 100% cotton white or solid light colored fabric or pre-washed muslin. PFD fabric will be available in class. Tools: at least three pieces of the following for cores: plastic (not metal) pipe of any diameter, at least 12” long; 1 to 2 liter wine bottles; 1” or larger diameter rope, like that used with horses. Also bring plastic wrap to wrap around your poles for the ride home, and gallon zipper bags for wet fabric off the core (recycled work fine if they don’t leak). Bring note-taking materials, camera, masking tape and a Sharpie; string/twine, rubber bands; measuring cups and spoons that are not to be used with food. Optional: cloth tape measure, 2” sponge brush, 1” binder clips, 2 old CDs/DVD. Containers: bring a reasonably clean bucket or similar container that holds 2 to 5 gallons OR 2 or 3 half-gallon pitchers (not for food use) that your core will fit into and a bowl or other container for rinsing tools. Also bring 1 two-quart AND 3 pint bottles with very secure lids to take dyes and solutions home. Juice bottles and bottled water containers are great, especially ones with squirt tops. Cleaning supplies: a gallon jug of ordinary tap water to dilute dyes with and rinse hands and tools; rags, sponges and/or paper towels, and a plastic trash bag for disposal. Wear: old clothes and shoes, (an apron – optional), two pairs of exam type gloves (dish washing type – optional, they protect your wrists). Kit fee of $25 payable to the instructor includes dyes, chemicals and supplies used in class. Additional supplies (not required) will be available for purchase. Contact with questions. For updates to this list, check
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