Special Exhibits

10/16/2014 - 10/19/2014
Santa Clara, California

Special Exhibits


World Quilt Competition XVIII: On Tour

See the exciting international entries of the 2014 World Quilt Competition along with ribbon winners from the U.S. This outstanding collection of quilts highlights the skills of quilters from around the world: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and North America. Sponsored by Coats, Handi Quilter, ABM International/Innova, and Mancuso Show Management: www.worldquilt.com. Above: "Evolution" by Keiko Ike, Japan (2013 World Quilt Competition)


New Quilts of Northern California

This juried exhibit is an annual favorite at PIQF. View the work of Northern California’s most well-known and upcoming quilt makers. This amazing exhibition of recent works is presented by the Northern California Quilt Council and curated by NCQC Board members.


4-Way Dialogue by ab-strakt-ed

Translating a creative idea into a finished work is often an incremental process involving successive approximations. Repetition of techniques combined with continuous inquiry and critical reflection allows the work and the worker to evolve. The four members of ab-strakt-ed share in this process, taking advantage of each other’s input and experience as they move from one iteration to the next. This exhibit is a retrospective of works created for a series of invitational, 4-person exhibits that were presented by this group over the past three years. It features improvisationally pieced, abstract art quilts. Left: Portals and Pathways III (detail).


Broad Changes: Women of Social Justice 
This exhibit features 22 original artworks from an international fiber artist group, Fiber Artists for Hope. The word “broad” is a feisty reference to women; when combined with “changes,” it implies a double meaning, since broad can mean big. This term used in our title aligns with the definition from Womanwords, A Dictionary of Words about Women (1985) by feminist Jane Mills, where she defines broad as “a woman who is liberal, tolerant, unconfined and not limited or narrow in scope.” Left: "I Speak for the Human Race" by Marjorie Freeman


Celebrating California’s State Parks

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the California State Parks in 2014, a challenge” was issued to guild members of the Quilters’ Sew-Ciety of Redding, Inc. to create a quilt depicting a California State Park. This unique exhibit consists of 57 quilts made by 57 quilters to celebrate and showcase the diversity and beauty of the 278 state parks in the “Golden State.” The guild partnered with the California State Parks Anniversary Committee to encourage quilters to make quilts of the state parks for an on-line quilt show.  To learn more, visit www.150.parks.ca.gov/quilts. We hope this exhibit inspires you to visit your state parks! Pictured above: (left) "Point Lobos State Natural Reserve" by Christine Rohn Hartman; (right) "Humboldt Redwoods State Park" by Fay Leighton  


Compelled - A Canadian Landscape Portrait by Anna Hergert, Canada

This small exhibition features selected quilts and fiber collage work by Anna Hergert. The realistic imagery captures Canada’s diversity from British Columbia’s west coast to the country’s most eastern point at Cape Spear, Newfoundland.


Cool Classic Rides
Teresa Shippy’s inspiration for Cool Classic Rides is her love for vintage. She remembers the cars we used to drive as kids. Some were hand me downs, however we never thought that was the case. We were always excited to get behind the wheel of the next slightly used ride. This collection has been created from her cut-up quilts, leftover fabric painted pieces, vintage men’s ties, and wool scraps.


Desert Art presented by Caroline Sharkey, Australia

“I Feel at Home in the Vast Red Desert.” This exhibition of art quilts depicts the Outback’s colors, textures and patterns. Caroline presents her vision from the sky, the land and the heart of her country.


A Fiber Art Affair from the Mountain Art Quilters

The Mountain Art Quilters have had a productive and artistic year. We are presenting individual pieces as well as pieces from each of our three challenges. We are delighted with this very imaginative and colorful fiber art presentation by our members.  This year the MAQ members treat us to all manner of original designs and techniques. The Mountain Art Quilters group meets monthly in Nevada City, California in the heart of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills.


Gee’s Bend Revisited - Two Decades Later
In 1993, a photograph of a quilter standing in front of two quilts, led to over a dozen major museum exhibits, a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper article, countless books, and a series of U.S. postage stamps. So why are there still so many avid quilters who know little or nothing about the quilters of Gee’s Bend, Alabama? Possibly because while they were highly sought after by art collectors, they were dismissed by the national quilt community at large. These replicas by master African American quilter Allyson Allen offer us another look at some of those quilts.

Heart of the Valley Color Challenge - Country Crossroads Quilters

The Heart of the Valley Color Challenge consists of twenty-four quilts created by members of Country Crossroads Quilters of Modesto, California. Each quilt measures approximately 15” x 30” and must read as a color chosen from the Ives Color Wheel from ten feet away. Inspiration for the challenge came from a Joen Wolfram blog featuring a ‘Color Cascade’ of wall quilts by the Oregon Sewjourners. Our guild members said, “We can do that!” The results far exceeded what we had hoped for and we are proud to present ‘Heart of the Valley Color Challenge’ for your enjoyment. Left: "Fuschia Frenzy" by Lila Bradshaw


Inspired by the Masters presented by AQuA

The Art Quilt Association (AQuA) members delve into art history and find inspiration from works of master painters covering the period of the Renaissance through Impressionism. Enjoy our interpretation of the Masters.

Pictured left: "Alive" by Sondra Hodsdon Rosier


Maps presented by Quilts on the Wall Fiber Artists

We usually use maps to help us get where we want to go, but they also can tell us where we are in the universe and more about our surroundings. This exhibit features fiber art quilt pieces based on the many interpretations and uses of maps in our lives.


Quilters Treasure Challenge 2014

The winning entries of Quilters Treasure’s 10th Annual Challenge were announced at Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. The theme was “A Treat for the Eye” and entrants were to use the challenge fabric “Berries ‘n Cream” from the Quilters Treasure line of fabric. A Wearable Art category was added to the Challenge in 2006. Sponsors for this challenge included Singer Sewing Machine, Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Quilters Rule, Barb’s Original, YLI Thread and Morgan Products. Quilters Treasure 11th Challenge was announced January 1, 2014. Visit www.QuiltersTreasure.com for details and an entry form.


Quilting Sistahs – Rachel Clark & Gwen Maxwell-Williams

In 1994, we were the only two “black girls” at a quilt conference. We found that we had a lot in common – we are both widows with one son, and we like to laugh and talk. That first day we met, we stayed up all night getting acquainted, sharing a bottle of wine, laughing and talking about our shared passions of quilt making, art and ethnic fabrics. Twenty years later, nothing has changed. Although, we live hundreds of miles apart, we still stay up late night talking (or Facebooking) about our projects, newly discovered fabrics, our families, politics and other trials and tribulations. Although, Rachel is more into Wearable Art and Gwen into Wall Hangings, there is an intersection in our working style.


Quilt Regional - Works from Northern California/Nevada SAQA

Quilt Regional gives but a small sampling of the range of textile art created by the members of the local region of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA). SAQA (www.saqa.com) is an international non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, documentation and publications.


Retrospective Tour of the Signature Art Quilters 
The Signature Art Quilters have been together almost 20 years. When the group started, the term “art quilt” was not really recognized as serious quilting. We had trouble finding people to join us. We painted, we stamped, we beaded, we dyed our own fabric and, in the beginning, we were dismissed. Well, the quilt world has drastically changed and now the “art quilt” has taken its rightful place at shows and in the market place. As in so many instances, the group has run its course and this is our final Mancuso show tour. We are grateful for the opportunity that Mancuso Show Management has provided us for these many years.


A Slice of Oz presented by Gloria Loughman, Australia

An exhibition showcasing the work of Gloria Loughman. Known around the world for her vibrant, large landscapes, Gloria’s quilts feature hand painted and dyed fabrics and extensive machine embroidery. Come and see in real life the quilts featured in her book Radiant Landscapes and a series of new quilts based on building facades.


Solar Sister Challenge Exhibit - Quilt for Change
Organized by Quilt for Change (quiltforchange.com), this challenge showcases the work of non-profit Solar Sister (solarsister.org) that helps African women start small businesses selling solar energy products in their communities. Thanks to this, children can study at night, mothers can care for their families and run small businesses, and communities can provide basic health care. These quilts debuted  at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Quilt for Change hopes this exhibit will inspire guilds to use the proceeds from raffle quilts to sponsor a “Solar Sister Entrepreneur” and help her become an environmentally-responsible businesswoman.


There’s An App For That

The challenge for our group, PacificPhotos2Fiber, was to (1) use a photograph taken on a smart phone, and (2) edit/manipulate it with apps that are available for smart phones and pads. The edited photos were then printed onto fabric and used in the composition of art quilts measuring 24” x 24”. As you see, there are a wide variety of creative possibilities for the tech savvy. The artists of PacificPhotos2Fiber are Nancy Caro, Anna Mae Gazo, Cathie Hoover, Elizabeth Hull, Claudia Sammis and Kathy Shaker.


Two Color Wonders from the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Who says two color quilts are boring?  The San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles presents Two Color Wonders, a selection of 19th and early 20th century quilts from their collection that graphically illustrate just how powerful a limited color palette can be.  The stark contrast of red and white, dynamics of complementary colors placed side by side or the harmony of analogous colors will inspire you to create your own two-color wonder!


Wool Work by Sonya Lee Barrington

My exploration with wool began in 2001 when I was staying with my daughter and twin grandchildren in Idaho. I became fascinated with the amount and variety of wool garments that I found in the local thrift shops. Since that time I have been given and found more “wool to re-purpose” than I can possibly use in a lifetime. I love working with this cloth, both because it has great texture and because it feels so good in the hand.“Wool Work” includes functional bed quilts, pillows, purses, quilts specifically for the wall and small furniture. All of the piecing is done by machine; the applique, quilting and embroidery are hand done. I use Mother of Pearl and leather buttons as well as some small decorative pieces of shell to embellish the work. Both the backing and batting are wool.


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*Quilts pictured above:
top row: "California Chardonnay" by Jan Rashid, "Gathering Baskets" by Margret Strauchman, "Life Goes On" by Irene MacWilliam
bottom row: "Technique Rebellion II Redux" by Melody Johnson, "Cape Primrose" by Barbra Barrick McKie, "Breadfruit in Blue Hawaii" by Connie Ayers